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    The value of Qualitative research aims to gain consumers’ perceptions, insights and their rationale towards a
    particular topic from the interactive discussions with target consumers.

    Qualitative Research Methods:

    • Focus Group Discussions, Minis/Triads
    • On-line Focus Group Discussion
    • Online Blogging
    • In-depth Interview
    • Ethnographic

    Quantitative research aims to provide statistical findings from conducting studies with larger-scale sample sizes.
    Often, it is used to substantiate the findings from Qualitative research.

    We offer a complete range of quantitative research services across Asia Pacific region through native
    language speaking interviewers whom are well exposed to various Quantitative research methods to satisfy clients’ needs.

    Quantitative Research Methods:

    • Face-to-Face Interview via Door to Door
    • Face-to-Face Interview via Street Intercept
    • Central Location Test (CAPI, CAWI)
    • Telephone Interviewing (PAPI)
    • Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)
    • Diary Placement
    • Home Usage Placement
    • Online Survey
    • Auditing
    • Mapping

    The industries in which Cyras Research team has extensive experiences are:

    • IT
    • Telecommunication
    • Banking, Finance & Insurance
    • Automotive Research
    • Healthcare
    • Oil and Gas
    • Beauty and Cosmetics
    • Personal Care
    • Retailing/Wholesale
    • Food & Beverage
    • Household Chemical Products
    • FMCG
    • Education
    • Tourism
    • Media
    • Tobacco
    • Luxury Goods

    • Multi-country within Asia Pacific coverage from a single point of contact, reducing your own project coordination needs
    • Central management and security of customer lists, quotas, questionnaire, audio recordings and data
    • Local language speaking interviewing team for both Face-to-Face and Telephone/CATI
    • Programming and hosting online surveys
    • One stop shopping for translations and coding
    • Data processing up to SPSS and excel data format
    • Extensive pool of experienced interviewers with an average experience of 8 years to cover both B2B and Consumer projects
    • Ability to recruit and conduct C-Level interviews of public listed companies
    • Stringent Quality Control process to ensure industry and client standards are met through local supervisor/team leader and Independent QC division
    • Every project is executed with Standard of Procedure (SOP) developed in-house by Cyras Research
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